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White room legal definition

The cleanroom air is treated by highly efficient particulate filters (HEPA) and ultra-low particulate filters (ULPA). These filters protect substances from harmful air pollutants in a variety of processes, such as: There is a punishment that is considered dangerous and frightening, using the color white to deal with the punishment of prisoners. In the context of product manufacturing, the cleanroom is a controlled environment where contaminants such as dust or bacteria are filtered to create the cleanest possible environment for the manufacture of products such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The US has been accused by Amnesty International and other international human rights organizations of using “extreme isolation and sensory deprivation.” Prisoners locked in windowless cells. Days without Daylight” as well as other torture techniques with the approval of the George W. Bush administration[28][29] under the euphemism “prolonged interrogations”. [30] The Organisation of European Democratic Lawyers (EDL) explicitly accused the US of white torture: “Fundamental rights are being violated by the US. In Guantánamo, prisoners are held under sensory deprivation, ears and eyes covered, hands and feet handcuffed, hands held in thick gloves, kept in cages without privacy, always monitored, day and night: this is called white torture. [6] Rainer Mausfeld has criticized this practice.

[31] Visually, the prisoner is deprived of any color. [2] Their cell is completely white: the walls, floor and ceiling, as well as their clothes and food. [7] [best source needed] The neon tubes are positioned above the occupant so that no shadows appear. [7] Turbulent airflow occurs when moving air does not move in the same direction and speed. With a non-unidirectional air flow, air distribution is done by induction. The air in the room mixes with the fresh air to create a turbulence effect that dilutes the concentration of particles. The air contains particles that pollute it. The particles can be tiny solids or liquids, including dirt, dust, soot, and liquid droplets. Clean rooms have the infrastructure to reduce this particulate contamination and control environmental properties such as temperature, humidity and pressure. In terms of taste and smell, the prisoner is fed white food – unseasoned classic rice – to deprive him of these senses. In addition, all surfaces are smooth and deprive them of the sensation of touch. [7] The design of each clean room varies according to needs.

Some have hard or solid walls, others have soft walls made of aluminum curtains. In soft-sided cabins, PVC curtains protect clean air from contamination, while exhaust air escapes under the curtains. In rigid-walled cabins, the structure allows the availability of clean air classes in any room. The cleanroom is a proprietary hardware development method where a development team works in an isolated environment to ensure that the work is authentic and not copied. The aim is to prove that the similarities with other works are due to legitimate reasons and not to copying. Do you think this sentence would make sense and could be adjusted in the Indian legal context, given the increase in cases of rape against women and children? Let us know what you think in the comments below. ISO standards range from ISO-1 to ISO-9, with higher classes allowing more particles per volume of air. ISO 1 rated parts do not allow more than 10 particles larger than 0.1 microns per cubic meter of air. On the other hand, a clean room with a 2004 Amnesty International report[3] documented the use of white torture on Amir Fakhravar by the Revolutionary Guards, the first known example of white torture in Iran. [21] It is said that “his cells had no windows and the walls and clothes were white.

His meals consisted of white rice on white plates. To use the toilet, he had to put a piece of white paper under the door. He was forbidden to speak, and the guards wore shoes that muffled the sound. [22] [23] [24] Upon arriving in the United States, Fakhravar confirmed this information in an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network. [ref. needed] White rooms are classified according to indoor air quality. Relevant legislation includes Federal Standard 209 (A to D). Under this law, air purity is measured by the number of particles 0.5 microns or greater than 0.5 microns per cubic foot of air. This torture was practiced mainly in Iran to make them mentally collapse. One prisoner who experienced this said: “It became extremely difficult to stay after three days and remain in complete silence.

It broke me mentally. You even believe a lie that the guard tells you, as if you have lost the person you love most because of the space, he added. White torture, often referred to as cleanroom torture, is a type of psychological torture technique[1],[2] aimed at complete sensory deprivation and isolation. A prisoner is held in a cell that deprives him of all meaning and identity. [2] [3] [4] It is used mainly in Iran; However, there is also evidence of its use by Venezuelan and U.S. intelligence agencies. [5] [6] What is your favorite color? If it is white, pay attention to this message that we will share with you, which speaks of another effect of this color, which is usually said to be very soothing. In Iran, white torture (Persian: شكنجه سفيد) was practiced on political prisoners.

[15] Most of the political prisoners who suffer this type of torture are journalists[16] detained in Evin prison. [17] “Amir Fakhravar, the white Iranian roommate, was tortured [in Evin prison] for 8 months in 2004. He still hates his time in the clean room. [8] According to Hadi Ghaemi, such torture in Evin is not necessarily directly authorized by the Iranian government. [18] Rigid-walled cabins are suitable for white rooms with strict climatic tolerances, while flexible walls are suitable for more tolerable environments. Each design supports adaptable workspaces with work shelves, wet workstations, and closed inspection areas for people and materials. There are also prefabricated clean rooms that can be assembled on site. A clean room is a special room where airborne particles are removed and the environment is strictly controlled to create the ideal environmental conditions for the production of sensitive components. There are a variety of businesses that need white space. For example, if you are in a manufacturing process affected by air particles or contaminants, white space is a necessity. Common industries that use white space include: So what are the best ways to keep your white space up to date? Here are some basic concepts to remember. White parts maintain pollutant-free air through laminar or turbulent air circulation systems. Normally, the air in a given room moves with laminar or unidirectional airflow at a similar speed and direction.

White rooms control the air quality in a room, including parameters such as temperature and humidity. The degree of contamination in a white room is measured by the number of particles per cubic meter. Clean room engineering, in the context of intellectual property, means developing new technologies in a space from which all trade secrets, other licensed know-how or copyrighted material have been excluded, thus ensuring that the technology is independently developed and not subject to infringement claims. The bathroom and infrastructure will also be completely white.

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