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What are the requirements for ltopf renewal

IMPORTANT: Please keep track of your account information to ensure smooth uploading of your documents. Photocopy of retirement order or equivalent document Original of release from the PNP National Police. Please log in to Written consent of parents/guardians (for minors) We will accompany and assist you in carrying out these tests at FEO OSS, Camp Crame. OEM certificate attesting that the licensee is exempt from derogatory records Certification of the President of a recognized shooting club or sport shooting association Inspection report (for upgrading to Type Licence 3 to 5) 4 pieces Identification image 2×2 (for LTOPF, NP, DT and GSRGO forms) The package includes the following: 1. Weapons Safety Seminar Certificate 2. Neurotests and drug tests (requires mandatory appearance in FEO OSS or SATO) Results can take up to 2 weeks. Steps to renew your Firearms Possession and Possession Licence (LTOPF): Photocopy of appointment order and service certificate and pending case certificate QUESTIONS? Send us a message and we`ll get back to you shortly. Step 2: Choose the LTOPF type you want to use. Personal appearance in the PNP One Stop Shop or OEM or RSAU or Caravan. Photocopy of proof of invoice or original of barangay discharge for LTOPF purposes Photocopy of income tax return (ITR) or original of company employment certificate, pay slip and identification card Application Form – Form provided by Philsecure or downloaded from our website Original copy of NSO/PSA birth certificate or photocopy of passport or certificate of birth of the local civil registry Click here to view the list of View and download LTOPF and firearms registration requirements in PDF format ** Changes without notice by updating the PNP-OEM regulations. NOTE: Results may take up to 2 weeks depending on the current processing capacity of the OEM. You can check your account to know the status of your LTOPF at any time.

National Museum Certificate Attesting to AM as Ancient Active Government Employee/Government Official/Elected Official Land Title or Barangay President and COP Certification to Prove Livelihood (for Farmers) Original Firearms Safety and Responsible Firearms Possession Seminar Certificate (OEM Accredited Center) Photocopy of Order of Appointment or Oath of Office and Government ID. Photocopy of income tax return or certificate of registration with the SEC with articles of association or establishment permit and registration of the trade name DTI Type of licence 4 – Maximum fifteen (15) firearms Photocopy of the last or previous contract and the seaman`s book Create an online LTOPF account; Sign in to, and then click Services. PNP Criminal Lab neuropsychiatric clearance (CL-related to OEM outcome).

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