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Wargaming rules pdf

This book is part of a thematic series of miniature war game books published by Skirmisher that includes H.G. Wells` Little Wars and Floor Games books and the spin-off Little Orc Wars Rules, Robert Louis Stevenson`s Stevenson at Play book, and Quactica miniatures rules. Designed for fun and playability, Ride is perfect for beginners and experienced players alike, offering a set of man-to-man combat rules. Extended optional rules and a special system for simple siege warfare. It can be played with almost any suitable miniature figure, each of which can use weapons with which it is armed and equipped with any armor that the model wears, thus avoiding paperwork and speeding up the game. This download contains printable and high-resolution versions of the interior and bridges. During the 100-year war between France and England, groups of soldiers on both sides launched raids into enemy territory, burning, looting and killing as much as possible before resistance could be strengthened. This practice, known as riding, is the inspiration for this medieval and Renaissance war game.

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