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12 rules for life sales

In the UK, the book spent five weeks at the top of the Sunday Times bestseller list for general hardcover (18 February – 25 March,[50][51][52][53][54] again on 15 April),[55] and sold more than 120,000 copies on 16 September. [56] According to the Sunday Times, with 153,160 copies sold at the end of the year, the hardcover edition was the 4th largest sale of the year in the “general hardcover” category. [57] According to The Guardian, the Nielsen BookScan was only the 32nd best-selling book of the year with sales of 147,899 copies. [58] Ron Dart, in a review of The Ormsby Review, saw the book as “an attempt to articulate a more meaningful order for freedom as an antidote to the unpredictable. Chaos of our time”, but although “necessary” with exemplary advice for men and women, it is “hardly a sufficient text for the more difficult questions that afflict us in our too human journey and that must be read as such”. [92] [93] In a review for the Financial Times, Julian Baggini wrote: “In headline form, most of its rules are simply timeless common sense. The problem is that when Peterson fills them, they carry more stuffed animals than meat. [94] The Guardian`s Hari Kunzru said the book collects advice from Peterson`s clinical practice with personal anecdotes, accounts of his academic work as a psychologist, and “a lot of intellectual history of the variety of `great books`,” but the essays on menstruation are explained in an overly complicated style. Kunzru called Peterson sincere, but found the book irritating because he thinks Peterson didn`t follow his own rules. [86] In an interview with Peterson for The Guardian, Tim Lott called the book atypical for the self-help genre.

[7] What there is to say: There are no reliable answers. Most of us who create bestseller listings in Canada use a centralized service, BookNet, so our listings are usually quite similar, except for the peculiarities of the publisher in decision-making. While it`s easy to get down the rabbit hole, who booksellers bring in and who sells what, and how those sales are ranked, it`s probably much easier than understanding what it means to publish in the United States. Also, not everyone in the U.S. gets their sales numbers from the same place. And some of them even define weeks differently, measuring Sunday to Saturday, say, like the Times, or Monday to Sunday, like Publishers Weekly. In the final chapter, Peterson describes the ways in which one can deal with the most tragic events, events that are often beyond his control. He describes his personal struggle when he discovered that his daughter Mikhaila was suffering from a rare bone disease. [7] The chapter is a meditation on how to keep a watchful eye on the small redemptive qualities of life (i.e., “petting a cat when you meet one”). [is] simply a principle or an abstraction.” It is “valuable to the besieged young men in our society who need a mentor to tell them to stand up and behave like heroes,” Barron wrote.

[90] Adam A. J. DeVille took a very different view, calling 12 Rules of Life “unbearably banal, superficial and insidious,” and saying, “The real danger in this book is its excuse for social Darwinism and bourgeois individualism, which is covered in a theological patina” and that “in a just world, this book would never have been published.” [91] 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos is a self-help book published in 2018 by Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of psychology.

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